Throughout the summer of 2021, I recorded my debut studio album entitled “Nostalgic.” When I initially wrote the song “Nostalgic” back in 2019, I immediately felt there was something special about it. The song is filled with elements of memory: smell, touch, sight, the idea of almost being able to touch the past. Nostalgia is a rare thing, because it can be both beautiful and gut-wrenching all at once. The songs on this album communicate the different forms of nostalgia: the pain that comes with a song that used to bring you joy, or how the smell of pine trees at Christmastime will always create little cracks in your heart, no matter how much time passes, and how uniquely beautiful it is it be vulnerable—to let yourself feel all of it. “Nostalgic” conveys that vulnerability shows courage—it means that you let yourself be open, you let yourself dream, and that is not weak.

It is strong.